• 4413 Latch Lock

4413 Latch Lock


  • These latch locks are made out of alloy metal with Chrome plated, Nickel Plated, Brass Plated, Satin Nickeld or Black Finished.
  • The latches come with a special hole which can be locked by any padlock with shackle diameter from minimum 5mm to maximum 7mm.
  • Housing diameter 19mm threaded M19 x 1.0 with 2 flat, with mounting nut.
  • With effective standard length (see below table).
  • Fixing hole size 19.1mm x 16.6mm.
  • For 90 degree RH or LH turn.
  • With lipped/overlay standard cam 19mm(W) x 34mm(L).
  • With 8m x 8mm cam hole, cam fixed with end screw.

4413 - Series Latch Lock

  • Latch hole diameter 7.5mm
  • Recommended shackle diameter within minimum 5mm to maximum 7mm


Stock No. Latch Hole Dia. Housing Length Terminal
4413 7.5mm 20mm End Screw