• 800 Series

800 Series


Spanner Locks

  • Body and insert is constructed from alloy metal with chrome plating. Nickel plating, brass plating, or black finishes are available.
  • Housing length: 18mm
  • Housing diameter: 22.5mm M22 x 1.5 with 4 flats.
  • Fixing hole size: 22.5 x 20.1mm
  • Provided with a 8 x 8mm punched 45mm long cam
  • Available in multiple key styles.
  • For 90 degree RH or LH turn.

Stock No. Key Style
810-07CP Square, male, 7mm
810-08CP Square, male, 8mm
820-08CP Triangle, male, 8mm
820-09CP Triangle, male, 9mm
830-03CP Double slotted, 3mm
830-05CP Double slotted, 5mm
840-07CP Square, female, 7mm
850-08CP Square, female, 8mm
860-10CP Daimler Benz, R10mm / 3.1mm slot
870-08CP Hexagon, female, 8mm / 3.1mm slot