• 7-G Series

7-G Series


The 7-G high security camlock has been made with lugs on the housing entrance of the lock (This prevents the use of the common picking tools as the pick cannot enter the lock). The keys for the new lock are cut with 2 grooves to bypass the lugs.  


  • Features Baton's 7-G series 7-pin tumbler tubular high security key system.
  • Offers up to 600,000 unique key combinations.
  • Triple plated alloy housing.
  • NAMA standard 3/4" diameter with 2 flats.
  • Standard single-pull cam locks have a 90 degree rotation with keys removable in the locked position only.
  • The M7 x 1.0 double 'D' tail piece will accomidate any cams or accessories that meets "NAMA" standards.
  • Available keyed-alike or keyed-different.
  • Factory rekeyable.
Stock No.
Thread Length
Thread Dia
16mm (5/8")
3/4" (19mm, M19 x 1.0), 2 flats
7G87 22mm (7/8") 3/4" (19mm, M19 x 1.0), 2 flats
28mm (1-1/8")
3/4" (19mm, M19 x 1.0), 2 flats