• 4000 Series

4000 Series


Maxi-Security Cam Locks

  • Features our virtually pick-proof detainer disc system.
  • Multiple semi-restricted and restricted keyways available, offering millions of key combinations.
  • Machined brass body.
  • NAMA standard 3/4" diameter with 2 flats.
  • The M7 x 1.0 double 'D' tail piece will accommodate any cams or accessories that meets "NAMA" standards.
  • Supplied with a right and left turn 90 degree governor.
  • Key removable only in the locked position.
  • Available keyed-alike, keyed-different, or master keyed (surcharges may apply).
  • User friendly key has a combination of conventional and laser cuts that provides extra protection against unauthorised key cutting.

Stock No.

Thread Length

Housing Dia

Housing Material


30mm (1-3/16")

M19mm x 1.0, 2 flats

Machined Brass


24mm (1")

M19mm x 1.0 2 flats

Machined Brass