• 770F & 770K Series

770F & 770K Series


Armored Block Locks

  • Solid brass (770FB) lock body with a chrome plated hardened steel jacket or Steel (770KSN).
  • Triple plated hardened steel locking bolt.
  • 6 pin tumbler brass cylinder. The first pin is composed of hardened steel to guard against drilling.
  • Supplied with 2 nickel plated brass keys.
  • Key removable only in the locked position.

Stock No. Body Case W Case H Case D Shackle Dia Shackle Clear
770FB-60 Brass,

Full Armor
60mm 56mm 24mm 10mm 22mm x 12mm
770FB-80 Brass,

Full Armor
80mm 66mm 27mm 11mm 30mm x 18mm
770FB-90 Brass,

Full Armor
90mm 72mm 28mm 12mm 36mm x 21mm



65mm 62mm 28mm 12mm 22mm x 14mm
770KSN-75 Steel

75mm 62mm 28mm 12mm 27mm x 15mm



85mm 67mm 28mm 12mm 36mm x 17mm